How to Differentiate between AirTrack vs Tumbling Track Mats

A child doing gymnastics on a tumbling track mat

When it comes to enhancing your skills, mastering new tricks, or just having a safe and enjoyable workout, the right surface is essential. Be it a gymnast fine tuning their routine, a parent establishing a safe play zone for their children, or a fitness connoisseur searching for effective ways of practicing acrobatic movements, selecting the ideal surface is of paramount importance. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the differences between airtrack and tumbling track mats.

The bounce factor

A Two women practicing on air track mats inside a gym

Airtracks are famous for their fantastic bounce just like the feeling of a competition floor which is perfect for gymnasts and cheerleaders that would like to have realistic training. Apart from this, the responsive bounce refines intricate routines and reduces impacts on joints during landings. However, tumbling track are relatively static surfaces, ideal for basic exercises and beginners, emphasizing safety over bouncy movements.


One of the important aspects that needs to be considered when comparing Airtracks to tumbling track mats is portability. Airtracks provide excellent portability since they are easily deflated for transporting purposes. However, tumbling track mats are often labeled as portable although they are more bulky and difficult to move around compared to other mats. 

The key difference means that AirTracks are easier to transport and are adaptable to different practice locations, which makes the latter option preferable for individuals looking for flexibility in their training environments.


A blue tumbling mat on a white surface

Tumbling track mats are durable because they are made of dense foam which is resistant to wear and tear and therefore provides dependable performance during intensive and repetitive use. 

AirTracks may be more susceptible to the punctures and tears because they are inflatable and made of soft materials that may be easier to pierce than the hard materials used on tumbling track mats.

Pressure adjustment

Airtracks can be altered in terms of the degree of stiffness or springiness in order to suit personal tastes due to their inflatable nature. Such a customization is beneficial to gymnasts, cheerleaders, and athletes, because it allows them to create a sense of any practice environment or a competitive floor. 

Tumbling track mats, on the other hand, are always firm with no room for variation and thus limited in the kind of experiences they can present. Airtracks are adjustable to different levels of support and this allows anyone who needs varying levels of comfort and performance.


Women practicing yoga on tumbling mats

Airtrack mats

Airtrack mats are quite multifaceted and include many sports like gymnastics, cheerleading, parkour, etc. The inflatable nature of airtracks makes them bouncy. They’re especially beneficial to some gymnastics exercises.The bouncing allows for tumbling passes, flips, and higher skills in practice. This is because it gives gymnasts more air time which can be coupled with a soft landing that offers protection during their flip or jump maneuvers.

These mats can also be used for any sport activity like for example yoga. The inflatable nature of these balls makes them readily adjustable for varying degrees of firmness and bounce which suits all ages and skill levels. They can specifically be used for:

Backward rolls

A man in black trousers  doing a backward flip on an airtrack mat

Backward rolls are one of the basic gymnastics moves. It is also known as forward roll performed lying on your back or in a handstand (either side). Airtrack mats provide an ideal surface for practicing and perfecting backward rolls due to their unique characteristics:

  • Bounce and Cushioning: Airtrack mats are also good as they have soft cushioned surfaces which absorb impact. For backward rolling such soft but supportive material minimizes the strain especially on the spine by providing an easygoing and safe place for training.
  • Consistent Surface: Airtracks surfaces have a consistency which allows performers to make predictable rolling on it. The predictability that makes it ideal for gymnastics enables them to concentrate and perfect their techniques.
  • Enhanced Momentum: The slight bounce of airtracks could increase the movement effect on the backrolls. The initial bounce of this airtrack which comes when a gymnast initiates the roll may facilitate the rotation, providing an even roll in a controlled manner.
  • Safe and Low-Impact Practice: Air track mats minimize injuries in the backward roll practice. The fact that the surface absorbs the impact decreases the pressure on joints and bones thus allowing one to repeat movements until they perfect the activity.
  • Adaptability: The airtracks are adjustable and the level of the air pressure allows one to control its stiffness. This adaptability makes foam a convenient training tool not only for beginners mastering gymnastic skills but also for experienced practitioners who want to perfect their technique.


A fit woman doing supine spinal twist on an airtrack mat

This basic gymnastic exercise is a cartwheel whereby one side of the body turns upon itself around and around while its hand and feet touch on the ground at different occasions consecutively. Airtrack mats are particularly beneficial for practicing cartwheels due to their specialized design and properties:

  • Bounce and Cushioning: Airtracks have this kind of a bouncy but soft texture that allows for the best cartwheel practice. A little bit of bounce also absorbs any shock, preserving the leg muscles and joints. It enables gymnasts to do cartwheels more naturally, with less strain on the body for every turn.
  • Enhanced Grip and Stability: Gymnasts generally plant their hands’ and feet during this motion on airtrack mats which are made up of a good type of grip. The grip is small, giving a lesser chance for slipping and ensuring stability during the maneuver.
  • Consistent Surface: With no unevenness of undulating surfaces, Airtracks provide a uniform surface. This uniformity is important for training or performing a cartwheel and not getting distracted by unexpected bumps.
  • Adjustable Pressure: The airtracks come in diverse sizes and can be filled up with varied volumes of pressure giving varying degrees of hardness and softness. Initiators may find it easier by starting on something soft. Increasing the practice pressure leads to a firm surface to allow for more precise and advanced cartwheel drills as practice intensifies.
  • Portability and Space Efficiency: The airtracks are very easy to carry around and also set and thus one can practice the cartwheels wherever possible. They are small and portable therefore they can be used either inside or outside giving the trainee a choice of environment to workout in.


A sportive woman doing a somersault on an airtrack mat

There are several somersaults (flip) or flips, which describe many rotations about different points of the human body. These acrobatics are particularly advantageous to practice and perfect on airtrack mats because of their special features.

  • Bounce and Cushioning: These airtrack air-filled mats give a soft but springy feel. Therefore, this bounce makes it easier for gymnasts to perform the flips as there is less impact when they land, enabling them to do more and with much strain to their joints.
  • Consistent Surface: Airtrack mats provide a constant surface for all flips, guaranteeing uniform consistency in the flooring. This uniformity is vital for becoming good at methods because it reduces abrupt variations, which could happen in distinct places.
  • Safety in Practice: Safety always comes first in learning new flips. The airtrack mats offer a softer landing when compared to regular hard surfaces hence reducing the chances of injuries. It is this safety perspective that makes them try and master the higher tricks of flipping.
  • Progressive Training: The airtracks can be inflated to varying degrees of pressure, making the surface firmer or softer. The adjustable aspect of this mat allows gymnasts to start simple with the basic flip and progress to difficult gymnastic techniques as their skill increases and they become more confident.
  • Versatility for different flips: Airtrack mats are very good as surfaces to practice different kinds of flip; this includes flips like front flips, backflips, side flips, and even some advanced aerial maneuvers. Their consistent bounce and forgiving landings are supportive, helping the players create a number of different flippers.
  • Increased repetition and practice: Because of less effect on one’s body, a gymnast will do many reps and flipping for several minutes on an airtrack mat. The additional practice time and repeating helps one perfect flips and general technique.

Tumbling track mats

On the other hand, tumbling track mats are made stable and cushioned. Though they may not have the pronounced bounces of airtracks, they offer good and even surfaces for floor exercises.

They offer a soft but firm feel and are therefore good for basic tumbling, groundwork, and all round fitness. They’re used for:

Floor exercises

A woman in orange sportswear doing arms and legs stretching on a tumbling track mat

Floor exercises in gymnastics cover many aspects relating to stability, flexibility and overall fitness. Tumbling track mats are incredibly helpful for these exercises due to their characteristics:

  • Sit-ups and core workouts: Tumble track mats that enable gymnasts to exercise their seat and other core exercises conveniently. Its firm but cushioned texture supports the back, without irritating it in case of repetitive motions.
  • Stretching and flexibility exercises: Thus, mats provide a sturdy yet yielding mat on which to do stretching exercises. Hard impacts are also avoided thereby allowing the gymnasts to stretch at ease to increase their range of motion when working on flexibility.
  • Stability and balance training: Stability and balance training is critical though it’s not only the floor exercises. Stability exercises are better carried out on top tumbling track mats which will let gymnasts concentrate on enhancing their stability balance.
  • Protective matting for various exercises: They provide a cushioned surface for performing many exercises, particularly whenever one makes quick transitions or attempts a jump. This helps to absorb hits in terms of protecting the joints and muscles for example, in jumping cases and other dynamic moves.

Stability and balance training

multiracial people doing reverse triangle pose on tumbling track mats

Core strength, body control and spatial awareness development require stability and balance training when engaged in gymnastics. Tumbling track mats are important considerations for many of these issues, as they provide stable but cushioned surfaces that allow athletes to concentrate on specialized stabilizing and balance exercises.

Here’s how tumbling track mats aid in stability and balance training:

  • Balance beam practice: Contrary to what one may think, tumbling track mats are broader than ordinary beams. This enables gymnasts to reduce their risk while practicing their beam routines and maneuvers including the leaps, the turns, and the acrobatic parts. Cushioned mat helps ensure greater levels of comfort and confidence to learn and perfect one of such balance oriented abilities.
  • Handstand holds and inversions: Gymnasts should be able to focus more of their efforts on getting handstand techniques right since hard but soft surfaces provide ideal conditions for gymnastics exercises such as performing handstands. This cushioning will minimize an impact during a fall allowing athletes a safe practice of longer duration holds, and different handstand variations which results with an enhanced balance.
  • Core stability exercises: They play a vital role in workouts that improve upon core stability. Gymnast’s mats allow them to do planks, side planks, etc. while having an active core muscle. Unlike other hard surfaces that can lead to a sore feeling.
  • Protective padding for falls: People will fall when practicing difficult balance movements, it is just a part of the learning. Soft tumbling mats prevent potential injuries as athletes explore the edges of their balancing limits.
  • Comfort for repeated attempts: Repeated trials are done at training in gymnastics for achieving flawlessness of routines and skills. The falling track mats are more forgiving on joints and limbs. Prolonged practices can result in injuries due to hardness of ground or floor. Hence the tumbling track mats are important in reducing these risks associated with continuous practices focused on stability and balance.

Protective matting for other exercises

In gymnastics, protective matting is essential for the protection of athletes when performing different exercises such as jumping, flipping, or landing. Tumbling track mats, owing to their design and makeup, play a vital role in securing a soft and steady base on which gymnasts’ skills are developed thus keeping them safe.

 Landing pad for high jumps: 
  • High Jumps: Such types of gymnastics as vaults and jumps demand a safe and resistant landing. The tumbling track mats are made up of foam material, which gives a cushioned cover that absorbs shock and greatly minimizes accidents when landing on them.
Practice for dynamic maneuvers:
  • Twisting and rotation training: The surface of the tumbling track mats is forgiving, benefiting athletes that train in techniques involving twits and rotations like twisting somersaults. Such maneuvers are practiced to ensure that they do not cause damage to the bodies and help in building skills.

Surface texture

Tumbling track mats have a uniform and textured surface that gives a stable base for gymnastics moves and routines. This kind of texturing is especially useful in cases where keeping a balance and maintaining stability is essential. 

On the other hand, Airtrack mats often have a smoother surface that is softer on the body upon impact. However, it may require grip aids because of lack of natural friction. The surface texture difference is also an important one because it influences training and performance grip and stability.


When it comes to gymnastics and training equipment, tumbling track mats typically present a cheaper alternative to AirTracks. The affordability factor makes them an attractive choice for people operating under a limited budget. Even though Airtrack mats provide more bounce and versatility, the cost might not align with some people’s budget.

Tumbling track mats are a practical alternative and do not compromise on quality offering a cost effective solution for beginners, families and organizations looking to budget train in a facility. Such an expense conscious approach makes it possible for more people to access good training equipment, which makes tumbling track mats a great choice if you’re looking for value for money. 

Setup and Maintenance 

There are different features in Airtracks mats and tumbling track mats when it comes to setup and maintenance. Inflating the Airtrack mats requires a simple procedure that has to be done before using the device. Also, they might need occasional reinflation for maintaining desired firmness. 

Tumbling track mats, on the other hand, are extremely easy to use since they need no installation. With this ease of use, it can be a very useful feature to buyers who crave for a “lesser of fuss” training experience.

In conclusion

air ground inflatable floating water sports fitness yoga mat

Your individual choices and desires determine whether you will opt for Airtrack or tumbling track mats. AirTracks is a bouncy and more dynamic surface with the authenticity for gymnasts and cheerleaders. Conversely, Tumbling Track Mats are tough, convenient, and adaptable, which makes them a good option for home practice or recreation.

Consider your skills, amount of space and budget when determining your ideal gymnastic mat. Remember,  regardless of your choice, you will be making moves aimed at increasing your competence as well as safety during the process of training.Visit to pick the best AirTracks and Tumbling Track Mats from available superior quality options. 






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